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We don't have crisis of school security...

Is it possible that we don't actually have a school security problem? Rather, we have an increasing and fundamental crisis of behavior, ability to cope with life, personal responsibility and choice making? Giving guns to employees bound and sworn to follow directives and rules of the government is diametrically opposed to what the 2nd Amendment stands for. A bad guy with a gun who allows cowardice to overcome him does not prove empirical truth. It's a data point. A good guy with a gun who happens to be in the right place and the right frame of mind at the right time does not prove empirical truth. It's a data point. If less humans broke the law, we wouldn't need as many police. If more human

In life...some facts less factual...does it matter?

It’s the lies propagated (and subsequently white washed) to justify actions that affect incredible amounts of both human and fiscal capital that should bother all of us—not just the half of the country that doesn't happen to identify with the party in power. War and conflict are inevitable. We are a human race. Imperfect and flawed. Identity politics is tearing this country apart...still today...but the gap is accelerating. I’m a product of the DOD by both education and service. I’m proud of my education and service. But we, as a country, should seek to be better. To criticize from a fundamental premise (belief) that 1) not only have we always been great but 2) we can and should be better is

Let the consumer decide...not the government.

CONFESSION: I'm FOR the 2nd amendment. I believe in it and what it stands for. I spent the better part of 26 years learning about, firing and supporting the firing of weapons in the U.S. Army. I do not believe in how the NRA (as an institution) and some individuals mis-represent this amendment if effort to keep "we the people" in a constant state of fear, mistrust & Hate for "the other." I believe in gun ownership...with personal responsibility. I do not believe in the continued relinquishing of personal freedoms to a government that will never give them back. Putting guns in the hands of more humans subservient to the government has nothing to do with and in fact works against the fundamen

"Man" Nonsense...

PREVIEW: Dialogue in this country has been reduced to false and half - truthed click bait memes on BOTH sides of center; or 144 characters or whatever the length a tweet is today. Stop throwing blind hate across the bow...before you make a visceral reaction...take a few minutes to read / listen...or don't respond. Watch Hasan Piker's (Young Turks) version of Tucker Carlson's "piece" on the use of the word "man": https://www.facebook.com/hasanpikerTYT/videos/383502942127149/ Watch The unedited version here: https://youtu.be/byn0fBCVeHA I’m not sure where the nonsense stops...or starts for that matter. It might be the Toyota USA ad that plays before I watch the full unedited clip and wants me


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