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Immune systems: we are the problem--and we are the solution...

Innate vs. adaptive immunity

By embarking upon a train wreck of poor decisions, we (policy makers--collectively) are destroying (at least in the short term) the adaptive immunity of millions of humans...

Those claiming to be "our savior" in the name of science...are destroying the natural order of life-science in the very process.

Draw your own conclusions about what comes next...but don't stick your head in the sand...think!

There's nothing new about what happened this matter how this coronavirus came to "us"...doesn't matter--it won't be the last commensurate event.

Adaptive immunity is -- in large part -- up to YOU...up to US...contrary to big pharma, Bill Gates and many in positions of great power right's not drugs, prescriptions or vaccines that will save you from living a life of poor health choices.

A strong immune system can be hard is a good life.

You don't have control over what you were gifted at birth (innate immune system) -- so you'd best understand what you EVERY stage of life...and respect this.

You DO have some great % of control over the rest (adaptive immune system)...through health, holistic and balanced lifestyle choices.

We need to stop blaming others and seeking the "soft, gentle, easy path" for our lack of personal EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE!!!

Hypothesis: on the "other" side of this COVID fiasco, and only in select countries (say, right here in the U.S.--not in places like Sweden) there are now waiting a complex series of "follow-on" health events once "we all come back out of our bubbles" will be never ending if we don't take back control.

And we will have abdicated control to a maniacal, irrational, ridiculously destructive decision making cycle of the fear mongering few (and their mainstream media) the truest expense of "we the people."


Brilliant...not so much.

Want to take control?

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