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You can't "science" your way out of bad choices... (more COVID musings)

More COVID musings...seem to get longer the more folks drink mainstream kool-aid...

Indeed there is a lot to unpack...and every day (my opinion) the incessant onslaught of media requires more to unpack...sifting truth from lies flying at us from all sides of the center line.

A collective action problem requires faith that the "problem" is indeed what some say it is...and further that "collective action" (we have to define what actions this insinuates or requires) is even the answer.

Social distancing isn't anything new.

Stay home from work or keep your kid home from school and don't sneeze or breathe on other humans if you are SYMPTOMATIC or sick.

Wash your hands and practice good hygiene.

People with asthma or very specific conditions sometimes wear masks...or avoid going outside in certain seasons. If "that" is collective action...well, it's sad we have to educate folks on something that should be fundamental to human collective action...a common human courtesy not only to others but to self.

What's changed?

Sometimes people leave us (die) earlier than planned or earlier than they should have. Sometimes people live longer than anyone expected--even in spite of a dire diagnosis.

That is not new and is an inseparable element of being human. No one wants that...ever....but it's reality.

You can't mitigate risk to zero...and it seems that some believe they can convince us that it is possible.

Nothing in reality happens in a vacuum...only in the classroom.

And humans are still dying at exponentially higher rates from OTHER preventable, even contagious causes of death...have been for decades and decades, yet we haven't shut the world down to the tune of trillions of $$...that we all (and our kids...) have to pay back...nothing is free..."they" are using our $$ to enslave us not only literally--our money and incredibly ridiculous policy...but also "they" want us to think (fear, "trust in me" etc...).

I think it's not only bat sh##'s immoral and unforgivable...and those who scream "you're a dismissive, insensitive bast**d" are really the insensitive dismissive humans completely ignoring not only the other much higher death rates but the collateral damage inflicted for a "problem" that--in proportion or comparison--is affecting a very small % of humanity.

In this instance I do not subscribe to the faith that requires me to believe COVID is some nefarious boogey man just waiting to pounce from any surface, human or the door around the corner.

Humans are no more and no less dangerous than we were last year, a hundred years ago or will be 2 years from now.

We have always been asymptomatic carriers of germs, virus and disease that could be deadly to another human with a weakened immune system or just the right cocktail of comorbidities (or even an atypical immune system).

Living a healthy, holistic, hygiene friendly lifestyle strengthens our acquired immune system...and we in fact need the germs, virus and disease "around us" to keep our immune systems active and strong.

Not everyone is gifted with a strong immune system so sometimes medicine and vaccines "tutor" the immune system (big pharma has it's time and place...but nothing like the obese, immoral, destructive, greedy and $$ grubbing behemoth it is today).

Re: Sweden...I would caution against using socialism (even democratic socialism) and Sweden (or even Scandinavia) in the same sentence. Look up Johan Norberg Official or John Stossel pieces on this subject.

Re: Sweden's approach to covid--why not? I'm not sure their politics has anything to do with a reasoned, rational and holistic approach towards risk management in a complex world (nothing has changed--other than the narrative associated with a novel virus--no matter how "it" got here or where "it" came from).

Nothing has changed. The previous coronavirus (SARS and MERS) did what coronavirus do--they flare up, level out and dissipate WITHOUT intervention (no vaccine) or massive public panic and inconceivable government overreach...and they are still with us although at very small annual levels.

There is no apples : apples comparison in terms of response from one country to another. There are hybrid levers that could have been pulled (and still could)...mostly centering on narrative--what "we" tell "the people" that "this" is.

Have you researched COVID and Africa or how many other countries have students in school full time, in places without masks?

It's the same planet, same virus, same humans.

We here in the U.S. are among the most unhealthy countries with skyrocketing adult AND childhood obesity's no wonder the "collective" immune system is vaccine can fix that...only personal responsibility. The health index (and collective immune system) of a country gets a vote in ANY flu, cold or "virus" laden season.

Contrary to Bill Gates and Anthony can't "science" your way out of bad choices...the "savior complex" which seeks to ensure "only the virus matters" (in a vacuum) as though LIFE ISN'T HAPPENING at the helm of this narrative is equally dismissive, immoral and unforgivable. They aren't the first and won't be the last in this category.

Media and politicians don't want you to open the curtains and look outside (or beyond the borders). They don't want you to question their narrative. They don't want you to think for yourself.

I'm not the beholder of absolute truth...none of us is...but I know that a time proven formula for wealth and power is on hyperdrive right now: "Keep 'the people' afraid, dependent and ignorant...and you can have power (and all the illicit $$ that often accompanies that power)."

True in any context on any continent...past, present and future.


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