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The author of What if it Just Started Raining? and founder of The Kambimbi Academy was born on the West Coast of the United States of America, and has travelled or worked in more than 29 countries throughout Africa, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

A graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York, Coren retired from the Army in 2016 and has served the U.S. for more than 26 years as a Cadet, Soldier, contractor and Department of the Army Civilian.

As a combat helicopter pilot, he is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and as a theater logistics planner, a veteran of Operation United Assistance which served as a vital component of the international humanitarian response to the Ebola Virus Disease Crisis in West Africa.

Additionally, with 42 months experience on the continent of Africa, he served on 28 missions in 10 countries facilitating the training of more than 10,000 Soldiers and civilians from the United States and 20 sovereign African nations.  Training with Host and Partner nations ranged from countering violent extremism, gender-based violence, to peacebuilding, United Nations and traditional operations.    


As a graduate of George Mason University’s Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution, the focus of his studies centered on exploring Hate as a contagion (racism is a false construct and hate is a disease).


His extensive personal experience and education bring an extraordinary, multi-faceted perspective to peacebuilding, conflict prevention and diversity education.

With a passion to fight hatred and prejudice in every corner of the planet, Coren is on a mission to celebrate human equality, by bringing a message of enduring hope to humanity.

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United States Military Academy

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