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H1N1 took as many as 575,000 lives 2009-2010 (and other thoughts of interest)...

John's Hopkins COVID Death Tracker

I suppose there are a lot of things that interest me...sadden really.

Just a few of many...

Like how elements within both the right and the left blindly support "their" narrative in a vacuum...the left screams "conspiracy" at the right and the right screams "fake news" at the left.

Is that how far we have progressed in 243 years?

Anything or anyone--even within "our own side" that threatens the narrative is immediately dismissed, decried and said individual is censured and ex-communicated.

Both sides do it....regardless of truth. Brilliant. Classy.

I find it interesting that H1N1 took as many as 575,000 lives and infected as many as 89 million people in 2009-2010 (look it up - source: CDC) and most of us can't even remember. We -- the entire planet -- shrugged as it were. Apparently those lives had not the same value. Anthony Fauci was then Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Fauci in 2009

We must use the "high" number as it will be the only number the matches how current coronavirus deaths are being recorded...even when it's not the cause of death--COVID19 is getting the credit.

Why didn't we do then, what we are doing now? It's a legitimate question. If it's not, why not?

Social distancing when you are sick or symptomatic of certain disease or sickness isn't new, we just re-branded it. I find that interesting.

Good hygiene isn't new, we just re-branded it. I find that interesting.

Hundreds of thousands of people are dying from preventable machines of death every day--mutually exclusive to this strain of coronavirus--but no one mentions them. Their family's grief and sorrow are collectively unnoticed and even prohibited. I find that interesting.

We shut the entire planet down (minus Sweden), put this coronavirus in a vacuum and pretended nothing else was happening in the world...I find that interesting.

Humans are afraid to go outside, fear their fellow human beings and mis-trust anyone who appears to disagree with them all on account of narrative--no matter from where said narratives emerge. I find that interesting.

Hatreds and contempt for "the other" are growing, not diminishing. I find that interesting.

The portal for over-reach of government and power at every level of society has grown more than ever and there will likely remain a permanent shift in the loss of personal freedoms. I find that interesting.

Emerging pandemics much worse and longer lasting are boiling beneath the surface (economic, mental & physical health, etc...). I find that interesting.

Yes, I find a lot of things interesting...and wonder what story history will write about this

season. How long will we have to wait for the truth...and will some ever hear the real truth. And further, when they hear, will they believe it?

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