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Death meters...

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Death meters...have a think on this.

The media and some small % of those in power from the municipal to the national or international level should not decide what we should be afraid of or not be afraid of...what we should be outraged about or not be outraged...

"We the people" can and should think for ourselves...

The only way to accomplish this is for there to be a series of death meters, "case" meters and violence meters (separated into categories)....

The CDC, Johns Hopkins and Worldometers should have:

1) death meters

2) hospitalized meters and

3) case meters

for AT LEAST the top 10 leading causes of death so WE can make informed decisions about what an increase in cases for ANY cause of death (ESPECIALLY PREVENTABLE) might mean. So WE can decide what the REAL killers are and are not. So WE can decide how to make best practice decisions to minimize risk on our lives.

If not, why not?

There should be meters tracking flu and cold cases to compare with meters tracking covid cases...and subsequently meters tracking deaths associated with complications from cold, flu and covid (none of them actually cause death...complications from cold, flu and covid cause death).

If not, why not?

THEN "we the people" can decide which form of death we should all be concerned about. And better make informed decisions about where to invest resources for maximum return, practices to mitigate risk etc...

THEN "we the people" can decide if "shut the world down" and destroy the economy (and all the irreversible second and third order fiscal and psychological effects from which some will never recover) for "this" is really the precedent we want to set for "that" or "that" form of PREVENTABLE death that takes exponentially MORE lives each and every year.

If this isn't the precedent set for mitigating preventable death then what is? If "this" isn't it, why isn't it?

Municipalities and State / National Governments should have itemized and categorized:

1) violence meters

2) death by violence and cause meters

3) categorized as citizen to citizen, police to citizen and citizen to police etc... and broken down into categories etc...

If not, why not?

Shouldn't we make INFORMED decisions?

THEN "we the people" can decide if some forms of violence are truly predominate and encompass "most" of ALL violence. And better make informed decisions about where to invest resources for maximum return, practices to mitigate risk etc...

THIS type of data would allow "we the people" -- all of us -- to make better informed decisions about the 24/7 onslaught of half-truths and hatreds from the far right to the far left and everywhere in between.

"They" don't want us to have access however, it would destroy mainstream narratives that are targeted from both extremes and everywhere in between.

It would be much more honest...imagine that.

You can't mitigate risk to zero.

Nothing happens in a vacuum.

Pretending otherwise is ripping the planet apart...we are witness.

Think for yourself.

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