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It's OK to wonder...

It's ok to wonder...

It's ok to wonder which test China is using...or what they are reporting when they have tested 90,410,000 citizens but only 4,634 deaths.

While at the same time...

It's ok to wonder which test the U.S. is using...or what "we" are reporting when "we" have tested 33,175,298 citizens but are reporting 128,777 deaths.

It's ok to wonder what a test is.

What is "it" really testing for and what actually triggers a positive or negative result?

It's ok to wonder "what" a case is--no matter what a talking head or doctor tells us. They don't all agree.

It's ok to wonder who gets reported as a death. What is the final "qualifying" factor.

It's ok to wonder if you are being told the full truth.

It's ok to wonder how many "cases" would be reported in other countries if they had tested 90 million or 33 million of their citizens.

As much as "they" all want to tell us it's a "parts per million" comparison that really matters -- it's ok to wonder if it really is.

It's ok to wonder if WE DESIGNED A TEST FOR A STRAIN OF THE FLU (OR ALL STRAINS) that if China tested 90 million or the U.S. tested 33 million citizens for THE FLU, how many asymptomatic cases would we feed the ecosystem of fear, irrational mis-trust and abject terror of death?

It's ok to wonder if a high number of testing associated with low symptomatic cases that lead to death is actually a good thing. If that means MOST PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT--NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER STRAIN OF GERM, VIRUS, OR DISEASE THAT WE ALL CARRIED AROUND LAST YEAR, FIVE YEARS AGO and A DECADE AGO....AND WILL TOMORROW AND THE NEXT HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS.

It's ok to wonder...

Think for yourself.

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