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What's the number...

Question: "What's the number?" I mostly have questions [about the constant stream of mostly ONLY certain flavors of perceived and real "oppression" and "heinous behavior" that are immediately followed with protests and cries of "how bad they all are" or "tear the system down" etc...] Regardless--it's sad people still show prejudice and hatreds in their words and actions...but regretfully, people hate and people show bias (even within categories) and "these" people are currently contributing to rip the country apart. Wrong is wrong. Evil is evil. We should name it whenever and wherever it happens to whomever by whomever. But not just the portion that feeds our emotions or narrative about "wha

Death meters...

Death meters...have a think on this. The media and some small % of those in power from the municipal to the national or international level should not decide what we should be afraid of or not be afraid of...what we should be outraged about or not be outraged... "We the people" can and should think for ourselves... The only way to accomplish this is for there to be a series of death meters, "case" meters and violence meters (separated into categories).... The CDC, Johns Hopkins and Worldometers should have: 1) death meters 2) hospitalized meters and 3) case meters for AT LEAST the top 10 leading causes of death so WE can make informed decisions about what an increase in cases for ANY cause o


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