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When a Bull Sees Red...

We are familiar with proverbial lore surrounding the question “what happens when a bull sees red?” They get angry….really angry…. They lose control of their emotions… And fail to see anything rationally… They feel uncontrollable rage at what is immediately in front of them… As the brain freezes in absolute fury their inability to see “outside” of present circumstances or from any other perspective spells imminent demise… In a blind rage, they lash out and charge at whatever or whoever is front of them without regard for self-preservation (themselves) in a blind attempt to destroy everything around them… Only seeking destruction of the “other”…that which is immediately in front of them… Who i

Expires on...

Something to have a think on… Everyone has one...an expiration date that is… While we are used to looking at the milk & eggs or medicine we buy to ensure the expiration date is still good—before we consume…rarely do we consider that—as a human with a finite number of heartbeats—each one of us also has an expiration date. The contents are what’s important... A gallon of milk never consumed…wasted… A dozen eggs never cracked…wasted… The difference between milk and a human life…is that milk gets a “date” stamp—we know when it will expire. There is no “stamp” for a human—generally always impossible to predict…but everyone has an expiration date. Nobody lives forever…every human heart eventually


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