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“A vaccine tutors the immune system.”

(Eula Biss, On Immunity)

“An educational vaccine tutors the mind.”

(Coren Jonathan Allen, The Kambimbi Academy)

     Throughout history (and even today), hate spreads—like a contagion from host to host—both overtly and covertly via any available educational mechanism (most often media, social media and political messaging).   

     Those who seek profit and / or power (most often both), infect the mind of public opinion with the deliberate aim of mobilizing one side against “the other” thereby justifying violence and mass atrocity for purposes of oppression and control.  


     The before / during / after socioeconomic indicators (effects on commerce & consumers, school attendance, medical and public services) of hate share similarities with outbreaks of Ebola, malaria, polio or influenza. 


     Adapting the public health principle of herd immunity through deliberate, persistent educational programs can arrest, contain and even completely extinguish a strain of known hate before it becomes a pandemic.  

     So long as power grants access to "the money" and so long as "the money" is valued more than human morality, humans are doomed to endure senseless violence.

     There will never be sustained harmony amongst humans in any context until we affect a deliberate shift in root narratives regarding "the other" (all categories of other).

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