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Ask questions...

Think for yourself... And please, start asking questions… QUESTION: In any other year, if "they" developed a test (they already have them--just not mass produced) for something thousands of people die from each and every year (say the flu--any mutation)...how many would test positive? QUESTION: How many would still die from the flu? QUESTION: How many more deaths could be attributed to that flu if there was a massive campaign to scare the entire world into believing there was a once in a millennial pandemic? 1. CDC statistics corroborate that hundreds of thousands are going to die each and every year. 2. We know that humans have always been (and always will be) asymptomatic carries of germs,

The Emperor Has No Clothes...

Think for yourself... BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: We are fools to believe that vaccines are completely unnecessary... And we equally are fools to believe that a vaccine will be our Savior and somehow return life back to "normal" whatever that is where millions die every year from SO MANY OTHER preventable machines of death. That's "normal?" RANT: Why are we pretending the Emperor Has no Clothes...that anything like this has never happened before? This is not the mother of all pandemics...if the numbers top H1N1--and they haven't...it still won't be the queen. Why didn't we do "this" in 2009-2010 when as many as 575,000 (global deaths--CDC statistics) were taken from us? Not even from the start of


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