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Racism isn't the problem...

Racism isn't the problem... Skin color, religion, tribe, political affiliation, sexual preference and any other “label” – when used as an excuse to either exact or explain evil is a false construct. A clear and present Contagion of Hate is the root problem. When hate enters the heart of humans there is no wall high enough that will keep evil from destroying a nation…for when hate enters the hearts of her people, evil is already on the inside. Today’s instant, global access to media combined with humanity’s insatiable craving for a permanent state of emotional euphoria only exacerbates this pandemic same as lighter fluid to a bonfire. The PANDEMIC is Hate. Greed and Lust-for-Power accompany H

WANTED: A bottle of happiness...

"Bottled Happiness or a box of Lasting Fulfillment. If you put either of these two items on your shopping list, you will never find them…not in any store as they are not for sale at any price. There must be more to life than money, sex, fame and power. What if it just started raining?!" ‪#‎whatifitjuststartedraining‬ ‪#‎wiijsr‬ ‪#‎kambimbi‬ ‪#‎kambimbiacademy‬


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