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     Based on What if it Just Started Raining?, the Kambimbi Academy is a comprehensive diversity and tolerance workshop seminar / series with multiple applications for children and adults alike.

     The following objectives are not all-inclusive but central to the ideologies espoused within:

  • Acknowledge and celebrate difference and diversity (that which makes this a rich and beautiful planet to enjoy).

  • Embrace our common humanity (that which unites us and is our only hope for a sustainable future).

  • Recognize that there is no superior category

  • Recognize that narrative (the information we intake - whether grounded in truth or not) drives either conflict or harmony in any context from the local to national and international.

  • Introduce and explore the concept of educational immunology.

The full program spans 5 lessons based in science + a service project requirement and concludes with a graduation ceremony.  

Introduction Video to Lesson 3: Kindness & Generosity

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