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Racism isn't the problem...

Racism isn't the problem...

Skin color, religion, tribe, political affiliation, sexual preference and any other “label” – when used as an excuse to either exact or explain evil is a false construct.

A clear and present Contagion of Hate is the root problem.

When hate enters the heart of humans there is no wall high enough that will keep evil from destroying a nation…for when hate enters the hearts of her people, evil is already on the inside.

Today’s instant, global access to media combined with humanity’s insatiable craving for a permanent state of emotional euphoria only exacerbates this pandemic same as lighter fluid to a bonfire.

The PANDEMIC is Hate. Greed and Lust-for-Power accompany Hatred as they ramble gleefully across the planet hiding hope, fomenting fear and preventing progress. A radical ideology of vitriolic hate and prejudice, fueled by both filtered and unfiltered media (social media, television media, print and radio etc…) is and will destroy humanity quicker and faster than Ebola, Zika, Malaria or any other modern physical pandemic presently known to humanity.

For every PANDEMIC that presents itself a VACCINE must be introduced to counter or stem the tide of potential destruction.

The VACCINE for Hate is an ideology of Good that must be energized by the same power (media) which presently fuels unthinkable acts of violence and evil justified by the misuse of categories – skin color, tribe, religion, political affiliation etc…

I first presented both my theory of this global PANDEMIC as well as a relevant, sustainable VACCINE to the Office of President Jim Yong Kim at The World Bank Group, in Washington, D.C., on April 22, 2016.

Regardless of your belief on the origins of mankind…there was one single point of entry for all humanity. People with black, brown or a different shade of skin didn’t have a separate beginning.

There is only one human race. Otherwise stated there is only one category: human.

Racism isn’t the problem.

Our diversity is what makes this such a beautiful planet. The rich nature of our ethnic roots and heritage must be respected and cherished; but if we do not embrace our common humanity, we shall self-destruct.

Hate and the evil that accompanies a vitriolic ideology of prejudice has always existed…always will.

Hate is an equal opportunity employer...employs every possible category from within and across.

Trading evil for evil doesn’t solve the problem…only makes it worse.

Trading excuse for excuse doesn’t solve the problem…only makes it worse.

You can’t sip tea with a terrorist.

You can’t reason with a hate-filled heart intent upon acting out their twisted, justified convictions.

There must be consequence for evil...but the system has to work.

The local and international systems and bodies of enforcement sworn to keep “good order and discipline” should be swift, harsh and merciless when responding to unthinkable, cowardly acts of violence and terror…out of a sense of responsibility and consequence for decisions and actions—not out of hatred or revenge. It has to hurt or they won’t stop.

Fact: there is no perfect human (just look in the mirror), and there is no perfect system (just read this morning’s headlines).

When fear causes us to stop living—evil wins.

When hate causes us to act out in rage—evil wins.

Evil wants us to be afraid. Evil wants us to hate. That’s his end game to seek and hold power.

Individual and collective human choice is the most powerful agent of change.

If you don’t like the system you are in then be a part of the solution. Don’t make it worse by trading evil for evil…excuse for excuse. Make a choice: join it, vote for it or leave it and find a better system.

Personal behavior and personal choice matters...

If you want to fix an over-burdened and in some cases poorly managed health care system…one could make the argument that if more people lived a healthy lifestyle…that might go a long way towards fixing the problem.

If you want to fix an over-burdened and in some cases poorly managed law enforcement system…one could make the argument that if less people broke the law…that might go a long way towards fixing the problem.

When the soil of the earth is dry…survival is difficult. When it rains, life is better. Rain doesn’t care what color your skin is, what language you speak, where you were born, what tribe you are from or which political party you support.

When the soul of humanity is dry…survival is difficult. When we are good to each other, life is better. What if it just started raining “goodness”? Good, like rain, doesn’t recognize labels.

"What if it just started raining?” is the most important question NO ONE is asking today.

As rain replenishes the earth, and thus the body…smiles replenish the soul, kindness & generosity replenish the heart and forgiveness replenishes the mind.

When it rains, life is better. Full stop!

What if it just started raining?

edited by the author 30JUN18

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