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"Man" Nonsense...

PREVIEW: Dialogue in this country has been reduced to false and half - truthed click bait memes on BOTH sides of center; or 144 characters or whatever the length a tweet is today.

Stop throwing blind hate across the bow...before you make a visceral reaction...take a few minutes to read / listen...or don't respond.

Watch Hasan Piker's (Young Turks) version of Tucker Carlson's "piece" on the use of the word "man": https://www.facebook.com/hasanpikerTYT/videos/383502942127149/

Watch The unedited version here: https://youtu.be/byn0fBCVeHA

I’m not sure where the nonsense stops...or starts for that matter.

It might be the Toyota USA ad that plays before I watch the full unedited clip and wants me to believe all Toyotas are made right here in the good ‘ol USA when a quick search reveals the preponderance of Toyota manufacturing and assembly is most definitely not here in the US. I applaud the real work here in this country but I deplore the intentional deceit and absolute misrepresentation.

It might be Fox News for sure—but they aren’t the only ones in the business of nonsense.

In this clip, Tucker Carlson doesn’t lie and he doesn’t claim colleges are banning anything.

So if anything the Young Turks headline click bait which claims that 1) he lied and 2) he says colleges are “banning” a word is a good bit of nonsense....and is it a lie? If they say he did but he didn’t that counts as a lie my book.

There is a bunch of nonsense in the full clip for sure but it is completely misrepresented by Mr Young Turk.

There are however some valid points about the hypersensitive nature of some people today to whom everything is an offense...unless it’s not...and only they can claim absolute authority on truth...unless it’s not...and only according to them.

Dialogue in this country has been reduced to false and half - truthed click bait Memes on BOTH sides of center or 144 characters or whatever the length a tweet is today.

That’s a bit of nonsense to me and I agree it should stop.

Ratings drive revenues and conflict at any level from local to international is a fabulously lucrative industry for the media, elite and those in power, special interest and industry of ALL flavor ideology and humanity. Greed and corruption know no single category or party.

So real truth based in credible data and societal progress dissipates at the feet of the almighty $$.

And who loses? We the people.

We are never going to agree on “how to run this place” (a country or a planet) but when mutual respect, decency, truth telling as best we honestly know it, and honorable discourse are seen as offensive...we have lost our way.

What if it Just Started Raining?


Education powers thought.

Thoughts generate action.

Actions fuel the planet...for better or for worse.

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