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If we burn this house down on account of Hate...we ALL lose.

Article: White supremacist march in DC Something worth considering...this clear and present State of Hate...it’s a Contagion... There are elements within all camps who can only return Hate for Hate... There are elements within all extremes who are ready, willing and motivated to act... It’s evil, shameful, dangerous and despicable on all accounts...no matter the source... Fact: No human is superior in value to another human—regardless of category (ethnic, economic, rank, gender, tribe, etc...). If we burn this house down on account of Hate for “the other” we ALL lose...all of us. Not even a protected class of wealth, celebrity and power will survive the fire. Think on this: -

“Generation Columbine,” Chicago and a Culture of Hate...

If we want less of this (see below referenced articles) we will attack the Contagion of Hate...the root. Not keep talking about laws and legislation. Is that really working? Show me. It continues to confabble me that so many continue to ask “what can we do?” Or “what went wrong?” And many of those same people look at you cross eyed when you start talking about root causes and behavior based solutions deliberately designed to weight the choice of humans... We need good laws and good legislation... But you can’t legislate human choice... You cannot legislate behavior... But you can weight the odds in favor of mutual respect for one another and some measure of human morality and v


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