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We are the problem...and we are the solution...

Always love a good John Grisham book. 'The Guardians' is no exception. Awesome. Highly recommended. Author's note: inspired by a tragic, true story of innocence robbed and jailed for life. Caution for me in today's "uber-sensitive-social-justice-charged" world...some find a problem or something that offends them (always human) within a system (any context large or small)...and simply start screaming bloody murder that we need a new system and this one sucks and everyone is patriarchal and evil. We are losing the ability to weather storms because we think storms (both real and anecdotal) are unjust, cruel and angry creations of a greedy world that doesn't deserve another breath. These same "s

Somebody has to pay for that...

"Somebody has to pay for that." A value based exchange of resources for commodity or service. (This means something has to be produced--contributed) This should be our first thought re: ANYTHING (buying groceries, consumer spending, vacation, politics, and solving local, national or global challenges). Nothing is free and we can't pay for everything. There are some who subscribe to a philosophy where the only conceivable end-state is sameness--this never ends well and is diametrically opposed to how we are hard-wired as humans. It removes choice and free will. That sucks. If something is genuinely free to you--then the person or persons who gave it to you paid for it...and even they can't af


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