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When you open the box...there's nothing there--it's empty....

Dude,'ve managed to "scream fire" through this entire string without even attempting to answer one of my questions.

Following is an excerpt from a COVID "chat" but could represent nearly any topic du jour in 2020.

You've managed to continue inserting condescending remarks at the same time as claiming fact at the same time as presenting no facts.

Sure you've referenced individuals and organizations but you have not presented a single, solitary article or source for your broad brush claims asserting 100% of the folks and organizations you reference are "on board" with your faith.

I've posted multiple articles that lead to substantive analysis of factual information.

Others on this string have referenced facts (even from the CDC) which you refuse to acknowledge or analyze.

I've asked numerous questions, which--if we had the opportunity to share honest, candid discourse about--would lead us to substantive analysis of factual information...and I suspect, honest recommendations would lead to look something like what Sweden (and a growing number of countries did and are doing).

Do you know how many countries have children in school, without masks? Etc... and etc...

So you can claim that I (and others) am impervious to factual information...but I (and others) have been the only open minded individuals (at least in this string--I really don't know you so won't claim I do) who have presented both facts and articles with references that would lead us to analyze and discuss factual information...

While you have clung to a narrative claiming facts...I'll give you that...

...without presenting a single fact, article or reference that we could analyze...

...but making strong, emotional pleas for facts and "science."

How do you think that might appear to the casual observer?

And you say I have strange views?

I don't care what Trump says about coronavirus. Have my suspicions about what he might have said if he had been allowed to remain independent of the advisors peddling fear based decision making etc... but we'll never know. I don't care what anyone or any organization peddling massive fear and terror only making "we the people" more susceptible to control and slowly dissolving our personal freedoms (just like a frog in pot of it boils).

I do care about exponentially higher numbers of humans being snuffed from the planet by preventable means. Imagine what we could do for them (whom you and many who type in chat boxes or talk on mainstream media seem to be entirely dismissive of) if we focused a fraction of the resources we've thrown at COVID...a coronavirus...that historically will 1) introduce itself to the planet 2) flare up 3) largely dissipate from existence and 4) remain with "us" (just like SARS and MERS) in very small levels....ALL WITHOUT A VACCINE.

I do care about the collateral damage which is affecting real human beings at far greater rates than any virus could ever hope to have accomplished.

If Gates and the "machine" of CCP, WHO, CDC (whomever else helped to stoke this fire either on purpose or by a savior complex filled "opportunity") had wanted to they could have made SARS and MERS the "once in a century pandemic" you want this to be.

You aren't the only one who is a member of that church.

The immune system works. I'd call that real science that is being destroyed by present circumstance and guidelines for human interaction, keeping children at home and under exposed etc...

At different stages in our life it (the immune system) works better for some than others and we all are vulnerable to foreign disease, virus and germs that our immune system doesn't like.

Folks with comorbidities or weakened immune systems (any age--although mostly elderly) are vulnerable always in ANY season and they should be aware of this as well as those closest to them so we all can respect and care for them (even protect) the best manner humanly possible.

We have ALWAYS (and always will) been asymptomatic carriers of germs, virus and disease--in fact our immune systems NEED these doses of germs, virus and disease to function properly--as designed.

That's a fact by the way, just in case you are wondering about my "strange views."

What would "we" find if we were testing for antibodies or asymptomatic carriers of flu or the cold or ... or ...? What would we find? It's an honest, legitimate question.

If humans paid as much attention to their acquired immune system (made better lifestyle choices), there would be less death by preventable causes--including COVID and other foreign germ, virus or disease.

Want to fix healthcare? Change the way "we" eat, exercise, think and behave. Less sick people (emotionally or physically) would mean less of a burden on an already burdened health care system...which would mean the folks who ACTUALLY need care get higher quality, more efficient and effective health care. Imagine that!! (Big sugar and the junk food industries deep in the pockets of congress wouldn't like that...neither would big pharma or the drug companies or a host of other private, special interest organizations with a DELIBERATE interest in keeping "we the people" sick and dependent on all that).

But THAT would change things...even a persistent education that sought to give folks alternative ways to think about personal responsibility...for in the end, that's what it is.

You can't mitigate risk to zero.

Clinging to emotionally charged narratives and sweeping generalizations void of factual information or substantive reference makes for a pretty box and makes a lot of people feel good...but when you open the box...

there's nothing's empty.


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