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It's OK to wonder...

It's ok to wonder... It's ok to wonder which test China is using...or what they are reporting when they have tested 90,410,000 citizens but only 4,634 deaths. While at the same time... It's ok to wonder which test the U.S. is using...or what "we" are reporting when "we" have tested 33,175,298 citizens but are reporting 128,777 deaths. It's ok to wonder what a test is. What is "it" really testing for and what actually triggers a positive or negative result? It's ok to wonder "what" a case is--no matter what a talking head or doctor tells us. They don't all agree. It's ok to wonder who gets reported as a death. What is the final "qualifying" factor. It's ok to wonder if you are being told the

The dark stain of eugenics...

Think for yourself... As we all struggle to articulate how to communicate our thoughts in these dark days...here's a start (emphasis on start--by no means complete) to my thinking... NOTE: If you rush to judgement or assumption without reading the entire bit (or what is yet to be written)...it will be difficult to dialogue. If you'd like to have a proper chat...let's meet for coffee like humans and look one another in the eye with mutual respect and love as fellow brothers or sisters (I'm ok if we disagree--that's normal and this is life). So, for what it's worth... The thick black ooze of eugenics (both physiological and ideological) is beginning to seep into all of us. It's evil stench is


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