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H1N1 took as many as 575,000 lives 2009-2010 (and other thoughts of interest)...

I suppose there are a lot of things that interest me...sadden really. Just a few of many... Like how elements within both the right and the left blindly support "their" narrative in a vacuum...the left screams "conspiracy" at the right and the right screams "fake news" at the left. Is that how far we have progressed in 243 years? Anything or anyone--even within "our own side" that threatens the narrative is immediately dismissed, decried and said individual is censured and ex-communicated. Both sides do it....regardless of truth. Brilliant. Classy. I find it interesting that H1N1 took as many as 575,000 lives and infected as many as 89 million people in 2009-2010 (look it up - source: CDC) a


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