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In life...some facts less factual...does it matter?

Disney's Pinnochio

It’s the lies propagated (and subsequently white washed) to justify actions that affect incredible amounts of both human and fiscal capital that should bother all of us—not just the half of the country that doesn't happen to identify with the party in power.

War and conflict are inevitable. We are a human race. Imperfect and flawed.

Identity politics is tearing this country apart...still today...but the gap is accelerating.

I’m a product of the DOD by both education and service. I’m proud of my education and service.

But we, as a country, should seek to be better.

To criticize from a fundamental premise (belief) that 1) not only have we always been great but 2) we can and should be better is a start point from which we should all begin.

The consistent white washing of lies we approve of and in addition both the justification and glorification “narratives” that emerge from lies, deceit, greed and lust for power are deeply disturbing.

Lies that cannot be disconnected from human capital (millions of lives across the planet) and incredibly irresponsible fiscal capital (trillions of $$).

If they can do it why can’t I?

Why can’t I lie, cheat and steal and justify in the same manner for the “greater good of humanity and my family or whatever...”

We have a disturbing habit of defending lies we believe in for 8 years then screaming bloody murder at lies we don’t believe in when an administration changes.

It’s quite immature and lacks any sense of emotional intelligence.

It’s ok to say “I believe in a fundamental platform — policy and the direction of a ship (country)” at the same time as “the Captain is an adolescent 70 yr. old who nourishes and knowingly validates Hate and uses his mouth (and fingers—Twitter) in an incredibly irresponsible manner.”

We are in dangerous times when an administration can’t even wait 4 months to cut a $350B (billion) Defense / Arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

Where are the forensics regards who wins and loses in that deal?

What’s the ROI for this country...”we the people”? I know what the ROI is for power and industry.

What possible need or justification?

We are in dangerous times when an entire media and Congress step into the adolescent pubescence of the “nanny nanny boo boo” politics of one individual.

Politics is rough and dirty I get it...but how far can we go as a nation if we don’t speak up?

I’m a fierce competitor too and I embrace the “fields of friendly strife” of competition.

But a lie is a lie. If there is no moral compass—no basis for the continued search for credible data then our self destruction is nearer at hand than most will admit.

If we allow (and irrationally and fiercely defend) it for our party but not the “other” then we have lost our way.

If we continue to worship a protected class of celebrity, wealth and power (who need the rest of us to worship them because they prey on our $$ and our emotion) then our destruction is nearer at hand than most will admit.

What if it just started raining?


Education powers thought.

Thoughts generate action.

Actions fuel the planet...for better or for worse.

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