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What's the number...

Question: "What's the number?"

I mostly have questions [about the constant stream of mostly ONLY certain flavors of perceived and real "oppression" and "heinous behavior" that are immediately followed with protests and cries of "how bad they all are" or "tear the system down" etc...]

Regardless--it's sad people still show prejudice and hatreds in their words and actions...but regretfully, people hate and people show bias (even within categories) and "these" people are currently contributing to rip the country apart.

Wrong is wrong.

Evil is evil.

We should name it whenever and wherever it happens to whomever by whomever.

But not just the portion that feeds our emotions or narrative about "what the world is"...ALL of it.

If not ALL wrong / evil, why not and what are we even doing here?

Personal responsibility matters for all...or none.

My question centers on a number--and there probably is one--I just don't know it--but I'll give it a go because I'm curious...

"How many heinous, hateful, rude, violent, unlawful or bad acts from within any category then qualifies that category or institution or structure as 'systemically infected'?"

What's the number?


When should we begin to "hit the streets" and scream "not fair" or "tear it all down" or "they are destroying the country" so defund them?


As I weary of only a certain flavor of "this kind of action" (often wildly skewed and usually never inclusive of the entire context) being plastered everywhere...and used as justification to spew hatreds and contempt for the very system that gave them the freedom to act like this.

Does the same logic apply that leads people to proclaim their truths about police or this country or "him" or "them"?


Why aren't we tracking the same statistics within homogeneous categories and all other institutions (all of them)?

If we did, what would we find?

So what is the number?

How much and how many should we really be protesting and screaming profanities against?

Have we really identified the correct categories or institutions that -- if reformed -- will really generate the greater collective good?

What is the real "score" since that is what we are fast being forced into doing--keeping score?

And if not, why not?

Just curious...and weary.

Perhaps that category is just one: human.

We are the problem...and we are the solution.

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