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Starbucks (Philadelphia)...why do we love to hate?

There's something strangely planned about two men who walk into a private establishment, ask for access to use the bathroom (which presumably means they need to "go"), yet after refusing to purchase anything and having been denied access to the bathroom...simply sit down in said establishment and refuse not only the establishment's request to leave but also the police' request to leave. What happened to the bathroom? NOTE: There is no justification for the bad actions of any human who nourishes hate...and justifies this hate based on any category. Hate based on skin color...or any category...legitimate issue...but mutually exclusive from what this is turning into. Discrimination based on sk

We don't have a gun problem and we don't have a knife problem...

CAPTION: Police at the scene of a knife attack in Russell Square, London, England Headline: "London Murder Rate Surpasses New York's for the First Time Ever." Read about it here: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/london-murder-rate-higher-new-york-city-first-time-surging-knife-gun-crime/ And here: http://www.businessinsider.com/london-murder-rate-overtakes-new-york-february-2018-4 We don't have a gun problem and we don't have a knife problem... We have a fundamental behavior problem--which is an education problem...not a weapon problem... Actions do not precede thoughts...a gun doesn't pull it's own trigger and a knife doesn't stab without a hand to guide it. Education (the idea) powers thought.


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