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Somebody has to pay for that...

International currency

"Somebody has to pay for that."

A value based exchange of resources for commodity or service.

(This means something has to be produced--contributed)

This should be our first thought re: ANYTHING (buying groceries, consumer spending, vacation, politics, and solving local, national or global challenges).

Nothing is free and we can't pay for everything.

There are some who subscribe to a philosophy where the only conceivable end-state is sameness--this never ends well and is diametrically opposed to how we are hard-wired as humans. It removes choice and free will. That sucks.

If something is genuinely free to you--then the person or persons who gave it to you paid for it...and even they can't afford free forever or to very many.

Before we had hard currency, the exchange of something of value for something we needed (or wanted) of value existed.

Living in a world (or solving problems) where there are no constraints is foolish -- it's an illusion.

Challenge: Put the top challenges of the world as you see it today in rank order them. Then apply a substantive fix with resources (time, people and $$) associated. It's not easy and you won't "solve" everything.

At what cost should we fix "x" problem" at the expense (loss) of "y" problem?

Something to have a think on...

This is a messy, difficult, tragic, beautiful, rich and incredible planet / life...embrace it--do the best you can with what you have and enjoy it for the short time you are here!

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