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We are the problem...and we are the solution...

The Guardians a Novel by John Grisham

Always love a good John Grisham book. 'The Guardians' is no exception. Awesome. Highly recommended.

Author's note: inspired by a tragic, true story of innocence robbed and jailed for life.

Caution for me in today's "uber-sensitive-social-justice-charged" world...some find a problem or something that offends them (always human) within a system (any context large or small)...and simply start screaming bloody murder that we need a new system and this one sucks and everyone is patriarchal and evil.

We are losing the ability to weather storms because we think storms (both real and anecdotal) are unjust, cruel and angry creations of a greedy world that doesn't deserve another breath.

These same "some" go to bed and wake up offended with venomous froth dripping from their mouth just waiting to pounce on a partial truth or emotionally charged sound byte.

Many of them are in media and talking heads on local, national and international networks (some I'm sure are forced into it--if they want a paycheck).

It's an incredibly sad, self-destructive way to live and further erodes the social fabric of a nation as we are witnessing today....not just here...but elsewhere too.

Problem is, no matter how perfect the "new" system might have to put humans in charge--then we are right back where we started with a whole new population of offended, froth dripping humans blinded by self-righteous rage.

Those who believe themselves to be righteous are not--no matter how loudly they scream.

The human condition is within us all...whether wearing a uniform, a robe, a suit & tie, a dress or whatever clothes we put on from day to day.

We are the problem.

And we are the solution.

No matter from which forest the beast of hate and contempt emerges...or lives within--that beast is hate and contempt that is utterly human and ascribes neither loyalty nor exclusivity to no single tribe and no single category.

Bad things are going to happen to good people.

Unjust things are going to happen to innocent people.

More often than not -- the system works.

Moral courage is a thing and does exist.

This is a beautiful, rich, tragic, difficult, just & unjust, fair & unfair place to live and I like it here...good-bad-ugly.

All of this awareness, however, simply proves that there has to be something more than just us--something bigger than the "Game of Thrones" tendency to "get / take mine while I can and give 2 sh**s about both the intended and unintended consequences to human beings, their families and loved ones that lose out on account of my selfish actions.

Never mind if it happened to them (what they are willing to say and do to others).

What if it Just Started Raining?

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