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Racism isn't the problem...

July 30, 2016

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The dark, self-destructive underbelly of "consumerism"...

November 11, 2019

A people - any people - that only consumes...will soon consume themselves.


We are ruining the magic of Christmas with consumerism...


We are conditioning and being conditioned to "want" and "need"...and that the want and the need can only be satisfied with consuming.


Our appetites and the "things" we think will satisfy are shifting danger close to self-destruction...all the models work--but they are optimized to generate $$--not happiness...not what's best for "we the people."


Don't be fooled.


It's empty...there's nothing inside the box once you get it...so we feel like we have to consume more--that's what all these advertisers want you to think...


The don't really care about your quality of life...they don't really care about "we the people"...they just want our money...


That's why information is the most valuable commodity in the world today--and it's being used as a weapon against "we the people"...and we will self-destruct if we do not arrest the incessant appetite of greed, along with the lust for power and money.


All the Black Friday's and pre-Black Friday's and pre-pre Black Friday's aren't intended to make "the season" brighter or better...they are only intended to generate income for retail stores that are slowly dying because Jeff Bezos (and Amazon.com) have completely changed the way we consume...


The model will always change and one day someone and something else will come along...and Jeff Bezos and Amazon.com will dissipate into the history books...


But if we don't curb our appetites and resist the incessant impulses that condition us to feel like "only consumption will make me happy" we too will soon perish...of our own consumption.


I fear the day when it's perpetual Christmas (or pick a holiday) and Black Friday is launched in the middle of summer or before.


Candidly, I think it's disgusting.


Regardless of your religious perspective--holidays aren't meant to be an "endless summer" of self-centered consumption...they are meant to remind us that there is something bigger than just "me" as the center...there's a greater purpose to this place--the planet...


When will we wake up?


What if it Just Started Raining?


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