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We hold each other (and life) hostage...

One of the single biggest challenges of human interaction...

Hostage taking.


We erroneously hold life hostage to our expectations.

And, when life doesn't deliver just as we feel it should we generally do one of two things:

1) Blame anyone or anything but "self"

A scourge upon any society that validates this line of thinking...

NOTE: As personal responsibility continues to retreat into the shadows...

so goes the moral fiber of any society.


2) Take responsibility...make some adjustments...and move on...

One of the best examples of a "life" speech here...


We egregiously hold others hostage to our personal experience and education.

Due to either 1) inability or 2) an unwillingness to see and appreciate others.

We tend to think of ourselves as the center of the universe and deeply discount not only anyone else but also both a past or future which does not contain our living presence.

It's a bit shallow if you really step back and have a think on it...

It is human nature...but it is a part of our nature we should harness towards a more positive end...

Early on in life, it's generally accepted as a lack of experience (maturity)--inability...

At some point, however--it becomes a narcissistic unwillingness to see and appreciate others for their unique set of experiences, world view and life experiences.

Education happens not just in the classroom...but also in daily living...whatever enters the eyes and ears--however it enters...that's education...for better or for worse...

Some observations of human thoughts that are built on a faulty foundation:

1) "If you don't agree with me then you must be an extremist."

Shallow. Silly. Immature. Debilitating to human interaction.

It's funny (not really) how some people on any side of a particular issue appear to reserve the right to be the only ones with permission to call the "other" names...yet stand flabbergasted that this same right should be extended to any who dare disagree--with or without substantive merit.

2) "If it hasn't happened to me, then there is no way it as happened--I don't (or won't) believe it."

eg. "Only my experience and thoughts exist."

Shallow. Silly. Immature. Debilitating to human interaction.

Genuine humility is a tough never-ending fight to either gain or maintain. Man's desire and search for significance & meaning gears us to suppress the "other" out of personal gain or satisfaction.

That euphoric feeling of self-righteousness or self-satisfaction (dopamine) when wrongly summoned tears us apart as much on the childhood playground as in adult living.

Do a little personal research...

Don't simply believe everything you ingest from a "friendly" source.

Be willing to look at life from alternate or contrary perspectives.

It doesn't hurt.

Be willing to consider your own past and issues or ideas to which experience has taught you otherwise.

No one has 100% market share on "the truth"...

which is generally always somewhere "in the middle"...

If you can't stand the heat--stay out of the kitchen.

Don't enter a debate if you only intend to speak (or shout)...that's not a debate--not even a friendly dialogue.

Listen...with both ears.

He (or she) who speaks (or shouts) loudest for the not always right...usually just seeking power--and wrong.

We should be better.

So, be better!


Education powers thought.

Thoughts generate action.

Actions fuel the planet...for better or for worse.


What if it just started raining?!

The Kambimbi (African Rain Bird) is a global brand for peace building and conflict prevention.

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