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Racism isn't the problem...

July 30, 2016

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If hate is a fire...

April 28, 2017

CONCLUSION: Remove the logs and the fire goes out!


Something to have a think on...


Pile a bunch of logs and light a match...


Fire burns...


Throw in a few more logs and the fire burns hotter...


Keep piling logs and soon the fire is burning out of control.


Remove the logs...stop adding them...and the fire goes out.


If the flame has nothing to consume...it goes out...completely...










logs = labels


and labels = reasons humans use as excuses to hate


and reasons humans use as excuses to hate =


  • skin color

  • tribe

  • religion

  • political affiliation

  • gender

  • age

  • sexual orientation

  • country of origin

  • native language

  • economic status

  • immigration status

  • etc...


and IF...THEN...


fire  = hate-ism (hate, hatred, prejudice etc...)


CONCLUSION: Remove the logs and the fire goes out!  


Stop adding fuel to the fire and it WILL GO OUT.




Worth having a further think...a few questions worth considering...


Did you pick your parents?


Did you select your skin color?


Did you special request your city of origin or your native language?


If none of us picked our parents, skin color, or which pocket of the planet we would "show up" (be born), then how can we possibly justify who gets to hate and look down on someone else just for being born to a different set of parents in a different pocket of the planet in a completely different set of circumstances?


If you stop and think about it...doesn't make a whole lot of sense...




Worth having one last think...


Whether you believe in the Theory of Evolution or the Theory of Intelligent Design...we all (humanity) had a single point of origin.  


There wasn't a separate bang or a separate garden for Western Civilization or Eastern or African or Southern...we all share a common "entry point."


In the grand scheme of human priorities...it doesn't really matter if it took a couple billion years or just 8,000 +/- to get to where we are today...none of us were there in the beginning...


HYPOTHESIS: There is only one human race.


CONCLUSION: Racism is a false construct.  Skin color is really just ONE excuse that humans have used in the past and still use today to hate and suppress the "other" for personal gain.


And skin color most certainly isn't the only excuse that humans have used in the past and still use today to hate and suppress the "other" for personal gain.


Hate-ism knows no boundary...it's the same in every color and every conceivable label...




Education powers thought.


Thoughts generate action.


Actions fuel the planet...for better or for worse.


Remove a log from the fire today.




What if it just started raining?!


The Kambimbi (African Rain Bird) is a global brand for peace building and conflict prevention. 




#whatifitjuststartedraining #wiijsr #kambimbi #kambimbiacademy #erasehate #onehumanrace




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