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We don't have a gun problem and we don't have a knife problem...

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CAPTION: Police at the scene of a knife attack in Russell Square, London, England

Headline: "London Murder Rate Surpasses New York's for the First Time Ever."

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And here:

We don't have a gun problem and we don't have a knife problem...

We have a fundamental behavior problem--which is an education problem...not a weapon problem...

Actions do not precede thoughts...a gun doesn't pull it's own trigger and a knife doesn't stab without a hand to guide it.

Education (the idea) powers thought.

Thoughts generate action.

THEN...actions fuel the planet--for better or for worse.

At the root it's an "education" problem (all flavors of education--at home, at school, on the movies and TV, the papers and now our smartphones)...

Everyone wants a "risk free" and "pain free" world (so that premise as a start point is a fail) live is live is risk...

And in some kind of upside down way "the people" expect the government to deliver--so long as it's "their version" of delivery.

What people don't understand is that the more they demand from the government, the more the government says "yes, I can do that--trusssssssst in me" (enter Kaa the snake from Mowgli's "Jungle Book" education)...

...and promptly commences to reach into our pocket books and limit our personal freedoms (eg. adding layer upon layer upon layer of security and "laws" that only restrict our personal freedoms).

Somebody has to pay for it all...and it's not a protected class of wealth, celebrity and power who pay the steepest price. It's "we the people."

So long as all we do is scream "visceral thoughts" at each other and remain in a persistent State of Hate (as they so wish us to remain)...they (protected class of wealth, celebrity and power) win.

Pretty soon we won't have any money and zero personal freedom...because "we demanded" and "they delivered."

What the protected class is that IF we truly do self-destruct...they will no longer be protected...and in short order we will all be living some miserable version of Game of Thrones...that's pretty much a guarantee (if you don't believe this, take a peek at history).

Remember, remember the 5th of November.

NOTE: If we can make "the system" better we should...and we should do it together...sometimes that takes laws (changes to old ones or new ones) and government. That's why our vote matters. If you don't like the system then 1) run for office 2) vote for people you believe in or 3) leave and find another system that's better.


What if it just started raining?

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