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A sea of homogeneous humanity...

Commuters get off a Metro train as others wait to go aboard at the L’Enfant Plaza station in Washington, DC, on May 24, 2016. (Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

I swam in a sea of homogeneous humanity this morning...absolutely beautiful.

On my way into D.C. this morning, I hopped on the Metro-Train at Tysons Corner Center. As the train progressed to Foggy Bottom–GWU station (my stop), humans proceeded on and off to their respective destination.

Standing room only, so as the population of the car expanded, we all squeezed together wherever we could find a space.

No one was refused seating or standing space.

The train--and Life--was rolling...for all of us.

Easily, there were humans who originated from at least 4 continents representing a kaleidoscope of both native and secondary languages spoken (not English) of 8, 10 or more.

With certainty, there were humans who believe in various faiths--or no faith at all.

No doubt, if you asked all of us where we'd like to go to dinner tonight, we would not come to 100% agreement on where to eat.

Inevitably if we polled the metro car regarding political ideology and how to run this country--or the country they call home, we would line up from left to center to right.

Some probably drive luxury cars and live in huge homes while others may not even have a car and live in meager circumstance.

There were differences for sure, yes--and they are all unique, interesting, worthy of recognition and valuable.

But what we shared in common was much more than any single difference could measure.

There we were: a beautiful, diverse sea of homogeneous humanity.

Listening to music, podcasts, catching up on the news, sleeping or simply watching the world pass by.

Some would have jumped on that same train car and (without even attempting to get to know a single human) immediately generated a revolving ideological rank order of supremacy or superiority regards all the categories; perhaps even, some did.

Shame on them.

There is no superior category.

When humans make poor decisions or behave badly--it makes them a human who makes a poor decision or behaves badly and should be held appropriately responsible...this is a different dialogue; but know this--humans from all categories make poor decisions and behave badly.

Sometimes "that" human is us. The human condition does not exempt status from anyone.

Categorical stereotyping is incredibly flawed, divisive and destructive.

"While there is an incredible vast array of differences and these must not only be acknowledged and celebrated...since our diversity is what makes this a rich, beautiful planet...

There is only 'us'

​There is only one human race.

And further, if we cannot find a way to embrace our common humanity...we shall only continue to rip this place apart."

(The Kambimbi Academy)

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