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What if - while attempting to tackle white supremacy - we simply attempted to tackle all supremacy?

The ideologies of hate, contempt and the mobilization of dehumanizing & denigrating narratives for personal gain do not exclusively inhabit some who wear white skin...they also inhabit some who wear all manner of skin color or subscribe to all manner of ideology.

Happens on this continent we are often blasted with a particular angle from media (who profit fabulously from a persistent State of Hate and polarization)--but it's not a complete truth--there are too many counter truths and valid counter narratives of good humans who wear different skin color and inhabit different ideologies...and further, what about other continents--all, other continents?

Isn't human evil worth tackling more than continuing to paint entire categories for the words or actions of a few?

Categorical stereotyping is incredibly divisive and breaks down the moment a very few practical questions are applied and "that horse" is out of the gate.

Most humans are not evil...some are...and that "some" inhabit all manner of category.

Evil is evil and must be named.

Greed is greed and must be named.

If folks want to turn it into an competition of "more of them" or "less of them" then no one wins and we'll all just keep fighting.

And all this fighting sucks--it weakens "we the people" and only empowers and enables those in power (of all flavors and all ideologies and all political affiliation).

When we could just aim for the root and help everyone--not just some.

Let's tackle supremacy, period.

The love of money and the lust for power are at the root of all human evil.

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