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The crisis at hand...

We live in a world where men with hate-filled hearts walk into mosques, churches and synagogues to carry out unthinkable acts evil...

Where men fly airplanes into buildings or climb to the 32nd floor of hotels, or blow themselves up or enter movie theaters and schools to carry out unthinkable acts of evil.

Evil happens when humans choose poorly on the streets in inner cities and in the homes of the suburbs.

Evil happens on every continent...when and where humans choose poorly.

We have always lived alongside this evil...and we always will...especially if we continue to nurse a culture of outrage towards all manner of "the other."

Hatred & contempt for "the other" and actions justified on such adolescent, archaic and toxic thinking...THIS is a crisis and if we ignore it, we'll continue to rip this planet or 50 humans at a time.

The real crisis in 2019 remains "bent" human behavior that is powered by thoughts...

Thoughts are fueled by information--which is matter who or where it (the information) comes from.

Let us not lose focus on the real crisis at hand.

Science, medicine, technology nor innovation wasn't settled 20, 30 or 50 years ago...and neither science, medicine, technology nor innovation is settled today in 2019...

It's an interesting intellectual exercise to consider what we today would say IF for example in 1969, "that" generation had decided they had everything figured out and determined that "anything" was settled...especially if the unproven "solutions" were going to saddle the entire planet for generations to come with trillions of dollars of debt.

We might think them (in 1969) as narcissistic, short-sighted and arrogant to have completely dismissed what humanity (in 2019) has discovered, advanced and invented in terms of local, regional and global progress.

18 spectacularly wrong predictions made around the time of first Earth Day in 1970, expect more this year

It's just a guess, but maybe humans in 2069 will have witnessed as much or more of an increase in technology, science and medicine as we have in the past 50 years...and they in fact might be grateful if we shed some of the hubris of the present and replaced it with humility and hope for the potential of "tomorrow" that lies yet undiscovered.

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