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Russia...really? What about our meddling? U.S. doesn’t meddle?

When you see an advertisement for a pizza joint that says their pizza is better than the competition...the ad doesn’t spend your money on their pizza—you do.

You make a choice.

And if you don’t like their pizza, you choose not to continue supporting their advertisement by not eating their pizza...even though the ad continues to berate and belittle the competition’s pizza.


Get my drift? When you see a political ad that berates and belittles the competition, the ad doesn’t force your hand and control the pen or keystroke that casts your vote.

You make a choice.

And when it comes to voting for the people who take our tax $$ and spend it at their every whim, if you haven’t checked out the competition to see if you like what they have to offer...

Then you are part of the problem...

Don’t blame the advertisement. That’s juvenile.

An ad for a pizza joint is ultimately no less guilty for making you spend your money on their pizza then an ad for a political campaign is responsible for making you cast your vote any which way you choose.

You make a choice.

Doesn’t matter who paid for the ad or how much they spent, if the pizza (or whatever they have to offer) sucks, the pizza sucks.

Don’t eat their pizza.

Don’t vote for “them.”

What they have to offer doesn’t get any better or worse for the existence of one or a bazillion advertisements.

If you keep eating bad pizza just because the ad says it’s better than the competition—shame on you, not the ad.

How much did our own U.S. politicians spend on advertisement? Was it all true? Did you check out the competition?

Did you make a choice?


If you made a bad choice, deal with it and try not to make the same mistake again.

But for the love of Jiminey Christmas, stop blaming the ad (or the $$ that paid for the ad)!!

On the subject of the U.S. meddling outside our borders and all across this planet. If you don’t know your own country’s history (regretfully not taught in schools) spend a rainy afternoon on Google and read up on American history.

We’ve done much more than purchase advertisements or encourage events that support particular candidates.

Fact: Our collective sins as a country in this “bucket” of meddling in “other people’s business” are much greater than Russians buying ads through Facebook.

So isn’t this a bit like the “pot calling the kettle black?”

If don’t know what that means...Google it before you start research on this great country.

Like the pizza?

Support the pizza maker.

Like what a candidate stands for and has to offer?

Cast your vote.

Make a choice.

It’s all something to have a think on.

And in some ways this media noise that I can’t seem to turn off is bunch of hallabaloo about nothing.


Education powers thought.

Thoughts generate action.

Actions fuel the planet...for better or for worse.


What’s if it Just Started Raining?! (It’s the most important question no one is asking).

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