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Tale of a locksmith (of government, wealth & private industry)...

Man's house is broken into.

His family heirlooms are stolen--gone forever.

Man sees a legitimate need for locks on his house.

Man shares his story with friends and neighbors.

People feel insecure. Peace and stability retreat into the shadows.

Man becomes a locksmith and begins to provide locks for friends and neighbors.

The Locksmith becomes well known throughout the region and provides locks for many.

He makes thousands of locks and improves his craft with every passing opportunity.

With his new found and hard earned wealth, the Locksmith pays a detective to find his family heirlooms.

The bad guys are put in jail and the Locksmith's family heirlooms are returned to their rightful owner.

Peace and stability soon return to the region and business for the Locksmith begins to decline because hope and trust is restored.

With the return of peace and stability, the Locksmith's substantial profits begin to decline. He was the wealthiest man in the region...but that was no longer satisfactory.

Greed had made a permanent residence in his heart.

The Locksmith, now used to his great wealth and comfortable lifestyle, wished for the "good old days" of fat profits.

The Locksmith finds that he cares not for peace & stability...but cares more for the fat profits that enabled a comfortable, easy life for himself and his family.

Paying a small group of men from another region to break into a few homes, the Locksmith sees fat profits return with the interruption of peace & stability.

"If I keep the people afraid...I can make and sell many locks...and I will be rich."

The Locksmith soon runs for high office and becomes leader of the region. The people believe he is their protector.

"If I keep the people dependent on me and my locks - they will believe that I am providing for their security...and I can stay in power. They will pledge their loyalty to me...and their money."

To ensure that peace & stability never quite return, every once in a while, the Locksmith pays another group of men from a foreign region to break into homes and steal family heirlooms.

Some he pardons and some he throws in prison (even breaking his promise of great wealth to them).

Hope & trust remain in the shadows. An ideology of vitriolic hate and mis-trust creeps into the hearts of the people.

The Locksmith pays the newspaper (media) to print stories of fear and insecurity.

The Locksmith pays the schools (education) to teach children not to trust and to only believe in their government.

"If I keep the people uninformed and ignorant of the truth...then I will not only be rich, I can stay in power!"

The people of the region once were good & honest, kind & forgiving. Now they are not.

They are self-absorbed, intoxicated with self and narcissistic...just like the Locksmith.

The people of the region once were generous & trustworthy. Now they are not.

They are self-absorbed, intoxicated with self and narcissistic...just like the Locksmith.

The region once held so much potential for good. Now it does not.

One day, the Locksmith - now Emperor of the region - was parading through the streets in "clothes" for which he paid an unimaginable price to a pair of famous, exclusive designers...

And a honest, trusting voice rises above the intoxicated murmur of the crowds...

The Emperor has no clothes!


Education powers thought.

Thoughts generate action.

Actions fuel the planet...for better or for worse.


What if it just started raining?!

The Kambimbi (African Rain Bird) is a global brand for peace building and conflict prevention.

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