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Unchecked fear & terror beget loss of freedom...


1. Education powers thought.

2. Thoughts generate action.

3. Actions fuel the planet...for better or for worse.

HISTORY: There are many throughout history who have entered the hate business for personal or ideological gain...using as justification, their labels of hate-ism: religion, skin color, ethnic origin, tribe, political affiliation, gender, sexual preference etc...

In the end, mostly to do with money and power which benefits the very few at the expense of the very many.

PRESENT DAY: There are many today who use fear, terror and hate for personal or ideological gain....using as justification, their labels of hate-ism: religion, skin color, ethnic origin, tribe, political affiliation, gender, sexual preference etc...

In the end, mostly to do with money and power which benefits the very few at the expense of the very many.

09.11.01: Over a period of about 25 years, the Wahhabis built a $70 billion global, ideological mechanism of hate-ism (education) that--among many other unthinkable acts of sheer evil--ultimately bought and paid for the horrific series of events that shook our planet from ground zero in NYC, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001.

Of course it's always is...but the formula withstands every test of complication...

Education (no matter how it comes) -> Thoughts -> Actions

All 19 of those hijackers were Wahhabi followers.

Those 19 extremists weren't destitute. They weren't desperate for a "loaf of bread." They were well educated, well fed, well trained weapons of mass destruction with hate laced blood in their veins...birthed in a vitriolic ideology of evil (education).

Photo credit Business Insider . com

To be clear, Wahhabism is a minority, extremist sect buried within the Muslim faith...but it remains a powerful, formidable and extremely wealthy force within, claiming the Muslim faith.

OUTCOME: Since 2001, both private and national security industries have skyrocketed in terms of profit, power and influence while at the same time many personal freedoms of citizens world-wide have receded into the shadows--never to return.

All actions, good and bad, have unintended consequences...and there will always be humans who seek personal advantage in the midst of such unintended industry without conscience or care for the suffering they bring upon the many for personal profit and gain.

For it is written into the DNA of humanity: "WE SHALL STRUGGLE!"

HOWEVER, if allowed to continue unchecked, there is an unquestionable and unsustainable path that will continue to exponentially build on itself...and the balance of power and profit will clearly NOT be in favor of "we the people" for any sovereign nation.

Who pays for this in terms of both consequence and the bill (money)? We the people, and our children...

If you want to stare one aspect of modern day evil in the face...

Photo Cedit ABC News

As a global community, we are becoming so self consumed (with the kind assistance and combustible combination of base human nature + Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and every conceivable outlet of traditional and social media) that we can't see it coming...

"Just give me more security--and if you can't it must be an intelligence failure," 'We the people' say.

Hold that thought...

"What impacts me, concerns me."

(Greg Jenkins, Founder & President, Greg Jenkins Consulting)

In today's globalized, more-connected-than-ever world, if you don't believe that hate-ism in one corner of the world doesn't have connecting dots to your corner of the world, you are sadly and blindly mistaken. The education of hate (no matter what flavor) and the actions which follow "over there" have tentacles that reach "over here."

It is true that 'we the people' have always lived alongside evil...and we always will.

However, in 2017, the spiraling cycle of evil across the globe is tearing humanity apart…it’s a pandemic. It impacts all of us, and thus, concerns us.


1. Unchecked education of hate-ism begets action.

NOTE: Hate comes in all flavors -- skin color, religion, tribe, political affiliation, sexual preference, gender, etc...

2. Hate-justified action begets violence, terror, fear and death.

3. Violence, terror, fear and death begets a national demand for greater measures of security.

NOTE: at this juncture, there are some in the private security industry and key positions of power over society who see opportunity for great wealth and permanence of power.

4. Greater security measures only create a negative reversal of personal freedoms and societal stability.

5. True shared prosperity and national stability that benefits "we the people" will diminish and soon vanish in to the laps of the very few in positions of power and key industry.

There is too much hate in the air. Here. There. Everywhere…and children who do not learn the universal values of love and forgiveness today, will learn to hate tomorrow…and act on it.

There are more NGOs than ever before (unintended consequences), more efforts at peace and stability and yet somehow the bad guys are's not getting any better and my opinion is because no one is truly striking at the root of the problem...which is hate-ism...and doing it on a global scale.

If education is a weapon, as Mandela accurately stated, and the bad guys are putting more points on the scoreboard...where is our globalized, preemptive strike?

The Kambimbi Academy is an educational weapon aimed at dissolving hate-ism and the influences of evil before it is translated into action; thereby inciting the exponential, global reproduction of Good.

Education powers thought.

Thoughts generate action.

Actions fuel the planet...for better or for worse.


What if it just started raining?!

The Kambimbi (African Rain Bird) is a global brand for peace building and conflict prevention.

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