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What about the other 3 passengers?

United Airlines

Did United Airlines make mistakes? Yes.

Was the situation handled in a superb manner? No.

Am I defending United's actions? Not all of them.

But nor do I condemn them. Not all of them.

The system will (should) decide.

A few questions worthy of rational, unemotional dialogue...

What happened to the other three (3) passengers--the one's who begrudgingly complied with legally binding instructions to give up their (paid) seat and disembark from the airplane?

The passengers who did what they were supposed to do...

The passengers who followed the rules...even though they didn't like them...

The passengers who put the interest of others (the rest of the airplane) before the interests of self...even though they didn't want to...

No book deal for them?

No movie deal for them?

No high priced lawsuit for them?

So the one guy who refused to comply...may likely find great reward at the end of his ordeal...

The one human who refused to recognize that making adjustments is what life is all about...even when we don't want to...has, to some degree or another, been lauded as a (at least social media) hero...

What message are we (society) sending to our children?

What message are we (society) sending to each other?

Am I sorry for what happened to him? Yes.

Does this justify a broken nose? No.

Does this excuse inhumane treatment? No.

Do we have all the facts? Probably not.

What if everyone judged you or your business in the same manner every time you make a mistake?

What if everyone threatened to walk away from your life or your business every time you don't handle a situation as superbly as you probably should?

I think we should be cautious when it comes to judging circumstances without all the facts.

Life would be better if we all showed some "tactical" patience and let the system work as it was designed.

We have a system that is designed to hold people and organizations accountable in times like these...based on truth and facts...not feelings.

We have judges, juries, administrations, lawyers and a plethora of rules and regulations to guide us in both our perfection and our imperfection.

If you don't like or agree with the system -- then join it (run for office), make it better (exercise your vote) or leave and find a better one.

The emotionally blind (without all the facts) visceral reaction (polarized--both sides of an issue--doesn't matter) of the public is dangerous and unsustainable if we seek hope for future generations.

Life would be better if we showed some organic humility when it came to our interaction with the rest of the human race...

I'm not afraid of my past...I'm human. The good, the bad and the ugly--all of it...I own it. That's no justification either. It's my "bed to lie in" and my burden to bear.

You're human too yes?

Many are afraid of their present...but won't hesitate to shine the light on, or "trumpet" the imperfections and flaws of others...past or present...

Regretfully, in today's modern era, feelings (regardless of truth or progress) drive ratings and ratings drive revenue for all forms of media -- online (social media), print or screen (big or small).

Facts should matter more than feelings.

Isn't that what you would hope for in circumstances involving yourself?

If feelings matter most...then don't complain or "cry wolf" when other people's feelings about you or your business don't match your own.

As soon as feelings rule over fact...that's an ugly world with a dire future if you really stop and think about it...

We are headed that way, if we aren't there already...Hate-ism is tearing humanity apart...quite literally...

Here. There. Everywhere.

Paul Harvey (1918-2009) was well known for his radio program "The Rest of the Story":

Life would be infinitely better if we talked to Paul Harvey (got the rest of the story) before jumping to conclusions and condemning the faults, mistakes and imperfections of others...

Let the system works it's mojo in order to keep people and organizations responsible for their actions. That's the only and best chance we have for a sustainable any era past, present or future.

Also, don't forget to look in the mirror before you put that social media trumpet to your lips...

So, what about the other three (3)?


What if just started raining?

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