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Hate Factory or Hope Factory?

Industrial factories producing everything from cars to cookies require energy. Energy, fed into factory systems from a variety of sources, produces smoke. Factory smoke has a direct cause : effect on the soil of the planet and the health of humanity.

There are factories everywhere.

Too many factories producing too much smoke affects the air we breathe and thus our health.

The human mind is capable of producing thoughts, words and actions that require energy. Education (energy), fed into the mind from a variety of sources (social media, friends, newspapers, television, teachers, radio etc...), produces either hatred or hope.

There are "human factories" everywhere.

Nearly 7 billion humans are constantly consuming energy - education...which in turn has a direct, collective cause: effect on the soul of humanity.

Too many humans consuming too much hatred, prejudice, greed and selfishness affects the virtual air we breathe into our minds. Education leads to thoughts and thoughts lead to actions.

Daily news headlines in every corner of the planet confirm that there is a PANDEMIC of evil and hatred that is polluting humanity.

Today's instant, global access to both filtered and unfiltered energy (education via media) fuels the pollution of the soul like never before in history.

What are you consuming?

What are your producing?

Are you a hate factory, or a hope factory?

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