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They fed the country hatred...

"I think the biggest problem we've had for the last 18 years with this government is that they fed the country hatred. So, they separated us in two types of people. We stopped being one group of people and we became either red or blue." (Produced by Braulio Jatar)

Connect the dots...the "feeding of hatred" is not isolated to Venezuela, the United States nor to any one country or continent on this planet. There are hate factories billowing poisonous smoke everywhere in and out of politics...and we are all breathing it in.

Hate-ism: The use of a label (skin color, gender, political affiliation, tribe, sexual preference, religion, age etc...) by humans as an excuse or justification to conduct unthinkable acts of violence or evil on other humans.

Choice. The ability to choose in this moment...and the next. Hate or hope?

What if we just started being good to each other?

Individual and collective human choice is the most powerful agent of change...

Choose to be better--no matter what...

Be a hope factory...not a hate factory...

What if it just started raining?! (

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