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We are the same...

“As I wade through a sea of humanity on the last day of the local Agricultural and Commercial Society Festival…

I am reminded that:

Children love cotton candy,

Children love to have their face painted,

Children love to ride the train,

Children love to jump in the bouncy house,

Children love the many different toys on sale by vendors,

Parents love the joy on the faces of their children when they consume the cotton candy, have their faces painted,

ride the train, jump in the bouncy house and buy them small toys from the vendors…

Parents always worry about their children in large crowds,

People enjoy a good meal from a wide variety of food vendors,

People enjoy good, energetic, live music from local artists,

People like free Mountain Dew, Coca-Cola or Pepsi hats and loud music from the Sponsor’s truck,

People enjoy exhibition sports matches like youth boxing,

People like to smile & laugh, love & be loved, and most just want the opportunity to enjoy life, share life and make it a little better for themselves, their family and those around them.

I could be in Dallas, Texas; Frankfurt, Germany; Lima, Peru; Shanghai, China or Canberra, Australia.

But I am in Lusaka, Zambia…wading through a happy sea of homogenous humanity…

Even if we can’t understand another language…we are the same…

Even if we don’t look like each other…we are the same…

Even if we don’t practice the same traditions…we are the same…

We might all get in a different car and go home to a different house…

There are differences, but we are ONE…

There is only 1 human race.



Education powers thought.

Thoughts generate action.

Actions fuel the planet...for better or for worse.

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