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The Kambimbi (African Rain Bird) is an emerging, global brand for peace building and conflict prevention.

The Kambimbi Academy will become among the most effective global educational marketing platforms, reaching millions of students and adults across the planet.  In order to enable the inoculation of global citizens against the Contagion of Hate, the support of Commercial Affiliates, who provide vital services and product support for the entire Academy's operations, is crucial.

The standard package will include:

- The use of Official Marks

- Exposure in all Academy paraphernalia, books, football jerseys, posters and associated merchandise and on our official website,

- Acknowledgement of support through every edition and phase of The Kambimbi Academy's four (4) primary implementation mechanisms

- Ambush marketing protection

- Hospitality opportunities

- Direct advertising and promotional opportunities and preferential access to Kambimbi Academy marketing & advertising

Further, Partners shall be offered the opportunity to tailor their sponsorship according to individual / corporate marketing strategy and needs.  For example, they can individually use the Official Kambimbi logo and create composite logos.  This not only allows them to differentiate themselves creatively from un-involved third parties but also gives them a world class marketing tool.

USA Kambimbi Kit.JPG
Zambia Kambimbi Kit.JPG
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