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This is SO MUCH more than just a book!


National Defense University (Washington, D.C.):

The College of International Security Affairs has added What if it Just Started Raining? to their mandatory reading list with an author lecture / program to accompany. 


Etihad Airways (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates):

What if it Just Started Raining? is available to all Etihad Airways passengers as a valuable component of their in-flight entertainment system.  A deliberate nod to the UAE's 2019 Year of Tolerance.


Pilot programs (North America / Africa):

A fully burdened pilot program (The Kambimbi Academy) emerges with students in New Brunswick, Canada / Northern Virginia partnered with students in Uganda and the Republic of Zambia.  This initial pilot is taking shape for a fall '19 start.


It's the most important question no one is asking.


A defining moment in history...




When and where there is drought...life is difficult.

What if it Just Started Raining? details a simple conversation between a boy and his father. Their exchange reveals a series of powerful truths that will benefit all humanity.

As rain replenishes the earth, and thus the body…smiles replenish the soul, kindness & generosity replenish the heart, and forgiveness replenishes the mind.


What if it Just Started Raining?!

What if it Just Started Raining?

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  • Your generous purchase of $20 USD generates a second copy of What if it Just Started Raining? that will be sent to students in The Republic of Zambia and Uganda.


    Thanks in advance for breathing life into a legend (Kambimbi - the African rain bird)!