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Kambimbi - the legend of the African rain bird.


It's a global brand for peace building.


Built on a book.


Wrapped in African myth.




The spiraling cycle of contempt, hate and narratives of “categorical superiority” over the “other” across the globe are tearing humanity apart…it’s a pandemic.


It impacts all of us, and thus, concerns us.


There is too much hate in the air. Here. There. Everywhere…and children who do not learn the universal values of mutual respect, love and forgiveness today, will learn to hate tomorrow…and act on it.


The Kambimbi Academy is an educational program aimed at inciting the exponential, global reproduction of Good by dissipating today’s clear & present State of Hate and the influences of negativity before they are translated into action.




Through an exciting and comprehensive international student partnership program whereby students in different countries participate in a parallel, dynamic, in-class experience, The Kambimbi Academy di