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Excerpt from e-mail correspondence with US Senator's Office:

"I keep a copy of the 05FEB07 Newsweek Magazine on my desk--"Blackhawk Down" on the cover.  On 20JAN07, two days before my 35th birthday, the battalion I was flying UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters with (serving also as the Battalion Logistics Officer) lost an entire aircrew and 12 Americans were killed in a calculated ambush north of Baghdad.  I'd flown over the same palm grove multiple times in previous weeks and months.  Could have been me.


As the entire base communications were shut down, I remember driving across the FOB to the morgue as I was responsible for coordinating return of remains etc... in Balad, Iraq, thinking (in my bubble) that "surely the world will listen" and this will make a difference..." (Coren Jonathan Allen)

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