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Racism isn't the problem...

July 30, 2016

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When a Bull Sees Red...

September 29, 2016


We are familiar with proverbial lore surrounding the question “what happens when a bull sees red?” 


They get angry….really angry….


They lose control of their emotions…


And fail to see anything rationally… 


They feel uncontrollable rage at what is immediately in front of them…


As the brain freezes in absolute fury their inability to see “outside” of present circumstances or from any other perspective spells imminent demise…


In a blind rage, they lash out and charge at whatever or whoever is front of them without regard for self-preservation (themselves) in a blind attempt to destroy everything around them…


Only seeking destruction of the “other”…that which is immediately in front of them…


Who is really in charge?  The matador and his red cape…


Who has the upper hand of power?  The matador and his red cape…


Any bull that had an ounce of “I’d like to live to see another day” would stop, think for a few moments, walk to the arena gate and wait for the hay truck.


Sound familiar?  It should…


Humans are emotional beings…we’ve always been a passionate race…


In this 21st century, the “red cape” of the matador (bullfighter) for humanity is embodied most effectively by our media—all forms (print, radio, television, online, social etc…)


When a human sees (or hears) red…


Regretfully, in today’s instantly available, hyper-media charged world, we are continuously being conditioned to become polarized, emotional robots incapable of differentiating ourselves from the “bull who sees red.”


Social media is filled with rants and ravings from people who “see red” out of anger, hatred and bitterness when they see something that opposes their own feelings.  Incapable or unwilling (often both) of sorting the actual truth from a half-truth or even an outright lie, humanity rages back and forth very often left to wonder…what was it we were fighting about in the first place?


It is my firm conviction that there are people and institutions in positions of power and influence who truly do not wish the world to find peace…because they profit in terms of money and power by keeping us all divided…keeping the world polarized against each other.


A political mantra from years past that many still practice today: “If you keep ‘the people’ afraid (constantly stir the dark angels of hatred and terror), dependent (assure them that ‘the state’ shall care for all their basic needs and comfort) and uninformed (carefully scripting everything they might read or hear—but don’t let them know the full truth)…you can have power.” 


So the truth and real progress is sacrificed for the enrichment and obscene comforts of those who benefit from a divided society.


Many people only see the world through hate filled eyes for “the other.” 


For some the “other” is skin color, for others it is religion, tribe, gender, age, language or political affiliation...  The “label” sustains their hatred, so long as conditions meet their narrative…when conditions don’t meet their narrative (maybe their feelings don’t actually represent the absolute truth) they make excuses and start fabrication of history and anything or anyone else necessary to justify their hatred, un-forgiveness and bitterness for “the other.”


Think beyond your emotions.  Think for yourself.


No one person, political party or news affiliate has all the answers.


Just because it was posted on Social Media doesn't make it truth.  Question everything...seek facts and answers before reacting on raw emotions.


Just because they covered part of a story on the morning or evening news doesn't make it the full story.  Question everything...seek facts and answers before reacting to what "they" want you to feel.


Who is really in charge?  (If you let them…) The media and their red cape of emotionally charged, polarizing sound bytes…


Who has the upper hand of power?  (If you let them…) Those who speak half-truths and make empty promises…


Any human that had an ounce of “I’d like to make the world a better place” would stop, think for a few moments, and seek some measure of compromise that might benefit the greatest number of people.


Funny thing -- bulls don’t really “see” red…they are colorblind to red…what angers them is the motion and associated conditions of just being in the arena in the first place.


But the principle surrounding emotional intelligence and control of emotions is steadfastly, universal truth.


So, next time you see another human or the media (matador) waving a red cape in front of your nose…


Count to 10 and ask yourself…what is the truth?  What is the rest of the story?


What if it just started raining?


#whatifitjuststartedraining #wiijsr #kambimbi #kambimbiacademy



Post script:


NOTE i: If you think that today’s media is any less sensational than 100 years ago…you are mistaken—Google it…100 years ago that is...see for yourself.


NOTE ii: It’s all about money…with the media and those who would wave the red cape of fear and hatred—all forms.  They serve one god—money.  Not progress and not the truth—money.  Here’s the chemistry…follow the bread crumbs:


1) Advertising generates income.  More advertising = more money. 

2) To justify and charge higher prices or more money, media must generate “reach” or “audience”.

3) To generate “reach” or “audience” they have to not only “outperform” the competition, they have to outperform yesterday’s news...creating a cycle of ever-increasing emotionalism and sensationalism that can never be satisfied.

4) If it doesn’t bleed, bring tears or create fear, anger, terror or rage…they won't show it.  So everything is given "spin." Damn the truth.  Damn progress.  Damn the people.

5) Very quickly the truth and progress dissipates into a thin shred – as thin as they can keep it – and is sacrificed for emotion…which is brought as an offering before their god – money.

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